Coping and Emotional Regulation Group Therapy

Groups by Ages

Groups meet virtually once per week for eight weeks for 45-50 minutes.

Age Categories

o   7-11 years 
o  12-14 years
o  15-17 years
o  18-20 years
o  21-24 years 
o  Over 25 years 
•  New groups start every 8 weeks
•  Fees: $75 per session

•  To join a group, please email me at with your name, birthdate, phone number (or that of your child’s) for appropriate placement in a group. We will then send you the forms required to join the group and receive the virtual group link.

•  Learn essential skills to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and negative thoughts.

•  Appropriate for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Please book an individual appointment if you need an evaluation for medications or more individualized care.

•  You may also benefit from this class/group if you need to learn healthy ways to cope with stress and frustrations, even if you do not have depression or anxiety.

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